As a graduating resident or a seasoned physician exploring new employment options, choosing your new hospital can be fraught with many questions and concerns.  Many of which cannot be answered until you begin employment.   Many ask if the hospital is truly the right hospital for them before signing a lengthy contract.  It is well known that greater than 60% graduating residents will change their place of employment after their first year.  The WPA Audition takes you beyond the interview and lunch and puts you into the culture and work that you will experience as an employee. 

The WPA Audition Program allows our candidates to:

  • Explore first-hand a new geographical area to ensure it is right for them.
  • Experience their potential work environment and learn the details of the opportunity.
  • Tour multiple hospital sites in series for better comparison and best match.
  • Avoid signing a binding contract at a facility that is not right for the candidate.
  • Avoid having to pay back sign on bonuses due to breaking a contract early.
  • Create relationships with potential coworkers to assess the team. 

We are a company owned and operated by emergency physicians. At WPA Emergency Medicine Staffing, LLC, we understand our work and want you to find the best position possible.

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